Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bob (335/365)

Bob Gussin: O.K., so you're sitting at lunch thinking back to Junior High..."Wonder what the Lieb twins are doing now?" Google them and suddenly you're reading about characters from your youth. Thinking: "Whoa I know these people." The Internet is an amazing (and scary) thing.


lolololo said...

Found my Lincoln Log and I do remember you. I would have predicetd your future as an Engineer. And now perhaps a nostalgic detective too?

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lolololo said...

P.P.S. Alan and Joel if you ever read this give Bob a call.

Signed Your Pal,
Lisa Otter

Helen said...

So, what are the Lieb twins up to these days?

lolololo said...

Neither Bob nor I know...But I wish them well and know somewhere they are making someone laugh.

B Kiddo said...

I just found a high school boyfriend online in the past couple weeks. I as looking for an address of my friend. Dawn Sometimes technology is a good thing. Though it does concern me, sometimes, how easily we can be found