Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sean (265/365)

Sean: Songs have the ability to teleport me to another time/place. This morning hearing The Commodores, Brick House brought me back to the 1978 Lane Tech Junior Prom dancing with Sean in his brown tuxedo, me in my three-tiered powder blue dress. We were hot!


Indigo Bunting said...

I freakin' love that song.

In Otter Space said...

What's strange is this am as I was waking up my first thought was: today's a guys day on my 365. Who should I write about?

Then I fell back to sleep. Next thing I know the radio wakes me up to Brick House. I'm dancing crazy in my bed 'cause I freakin' love that song too and now I know who I'm going to write about!

Love when God delivers it that easy to me.

Helen said...

More great memories! That's the wonderful thing about this 365 (well, for me it will probably be more like 100) undertaking: it brings up so many great memories (and some not so great, but that's a story for a gloomier day...).

B Kiddo said...

Great post - I too wore a powder blue prom dress once!

Anytime you want to hear that song come the the bar! I have it on CD!

Preston said...

Dancing to the "brick house?" Yeah, you both HAD to have been hot!