Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hugh (223/365)

Hugh the Horrible:

H: hedonist, hacker, hoser, hitchhiker, hogwash, hollow-headed, homophobic, horrendous, hostile, horrific, horse-trader;

U: unlikable, unprincipled, uncaring, unwelcome, unwanted, ungrateful, unloving, unwise, unkind, unfair, useless;

G: grandiose, grappler, gorilla, green-eyed monster, Gresham's Law, gerrymanderer, grudging, grievous, gross, greedy, The Grinch;

H: huffy, heel, huckster, haggler, hoggish, half-asser, horrent, heartless, horny, hooker, hated.


In Otter Space said...

Dedicated to everyone that has to put up with Hugh on a daily basis.

Susan said...

Daily basis? Say it isn't so!

Helen said...

I love this! And I've never heard the word "horrent" before; is it a real word?

In Otter Space said...

Horrent is a real word as defined below.

hor·rent (hôr'ənt, hŏr'-) adj. Archaic.
Covered with bristles; bristling.
[Latin horrēns, horrent-, present participle of horrēre, to tremble, bristle.]

GreenishLady said...

I take it you don't like Hugh very much? Very well done!

In Otter Space said...

Thanks Susan, Helen & G.L.!
Actually I think I like him more than most. But I NEVER see him anymore just hear the Horror stories.

C'nor said...

Otter, that sounds like it's a good thing.