Monday, April 17, 2006

Jeff (73/365)

Jeff: From behind could be a body double for a blond hunk. Turning around his face looked like a funhouse mirror distortion. When he removed his shirt to wipe his brow I winced at his giant nipple rings and "Jessica" tattooed across his derriere.


- Fat Red Ant said...


Ok Otter, how exactly did you see his the tattoo when he removed his shirt?


In Otter Space said...

This certainly will suck all the fun out of your spicy image of Jeff
but.... he's a mason and as you know plumbers and construction workers have a tendency to reveal their "clevage" as they work.

"Jessica" sprawled across his back side in two inch letters is kinda hard to miss. I just hope he really really likes this Jessica or maybe he's just practical and only dates women named Jessica.

brain bubbles said...

"only dates women named Jessica"


at least it's a fairly common name!