Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bethie (74/365)

Bethie: Six degrees of separation defined! She's my first cousin, although don't know her well. She moved to Texas when we were little. Newly married, she moved in next-door to my future brother-in-law, meeting my husband before he was a twinkle in my eye.


GreenishLady said...

People are going to have to start drawing charts to go with these complex relationships. Timelines... That sort of stuff!

brain bubbles said...

geeeminy ... my head hurts trying to keep up with that one!

you don't live in Arkansas, do you?
(okay, okay ... don't throw things)

In Otter Space said...

We all probably could use maps by the end of 365.

I's sure ain't from no Arkeensore. But my cousins live in Texas does that count?

I do love these innerconnected realtionships. Stay tuned for more.