Monday, April 03, 2006

Ben (59/365)

Ben: Enlightens me, brought me back to God. Patient, kind and sincere. His laughter fills my heart, warms my soul. I feel safe asking deep spiritual questions; he is further down the same path. Ironically, his last name doesn't match him or his profession.


brain bubbles said...

"brought me back to God"

this one made me wonder ... had you wandered off, or was God beckoning to you and you didn't hear him?

I'm on a bit of a spiritual quest myself these days, and wonder sometimes if I've begun speaking a foreign language ... some sort of secret code that even God can't break. Or maybe it's just that I've become tone deaf.

In Otter Space said...

Answer: Wandered off and didn't hear God. I'm that deaf and dense. Some may call me S.C. (spiritually challegned).

One thing I know is this: God created me so God can handle me and my Grand Canyon of doubts and questions. I think God put Ben in my life because Ben is open minded and isn't afraid to admit he has some of the same questions.

B.B., my best to you is this: God can hear you.