Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sister Nancy Murray (54/365)

Sister Nancy Murray, O.P.: Sweetest Dominican nun ever encountered; cross between the flying nun and Fraulien Maria. Forever grateful she taught me how to meditate and see aura when praying. Her serene devotion to God is inspiring. Took her show on the road; catch her Sister Act.


brain bubbles said...

I clicked on your link, and found myself lost in another world (thanks for pointing me there)

now I'm off to discover the incantations of aura, and find out why my prayers are missing this facet

this definitely left me searching for something ... really good writing always teaches you something, or at least points you towards the window

Caitlyn said...

I didn't mean to "slam" Sister Nancy! I'm just pro-habit! She does sound like quite the amazing sister.

In Otter Space said...

Joel is Sister Nancy's baby brother!