Thursday, March 30, 2006

Emmett (55/365)

Emmett: Generous, kind and oh-so mischievous. Tragedy struck his family too many times, Em's from complications related to chronic-dipsomania. Such talent in those hands, such a twinkle in those eyes: forever lost. A devilish grin I deeply miss.
Em, send some *postcards*, still waiting.


The Stiltwalker said...

reminds me of someone I know.

Helen said...

Aah, I spot some of those useful hyphens!

In Otter Space said...

Yea sometimes I just hyphen-for-the-heck of it.

brain bubbles said...

otter ... I needed this one. I have an Emmett that hasn't shown up on my list yet (i'm still busy finding a plethora of poisonous words). It was refreshing to see this name with something likable attached to it. Tender.

beautiful writing.