Friday, March 10, 2006

Cyndi (35/365)

Cyndi: Greg's sister. Most lovable of girls, also very accident prone. I sport a small scar on my left thumb from a saw that was under her spell. Lesson; never ask her to help carry glass. Her calling; untroubling troubled kids at inner-city schools.

Note: I've been writing my 365 in boy, girl, boy, girl order. Cyndi breaks this sequence because I wanted to keep my next-door neighbors in chronological order.


Deloney said...

A great litle sketch. A scar on your thumb? Funny because I was talking a few minutes ago on another site about scars. I was telling Jane (I think it was Jane) how much fun it was to write about our old school teachers, but writing about scars could be a whole new 365 thread!

Susan said...

I've been thinking it's unlikely we know an equal number of males and females. One way to find out is to do the boy-girl-boy thing...and risk ending up with 86 males (or females) at the end. :-)

brain bubbles said...

I was doing mine boy-girl-boy-girl as well, but am pretty sure that someone towards the end I would wind up with too much of one or the other. Still, I like the balance.

jane said...

it was me deloney.
i have been trying to avoid patterns, like doing all my boyfriends.....oh that did not come out right at all but it was just too funny to edit.
it's unavoidable that certain 365's are going to bring up new memories. currently i am on a customer kick.